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To date, we have carried out more than 15 projects which have had business strategy as the principal deliverable.

In this case study we worked with a high-tech, high quality, low volume manufacturer operating in a shrinking market to develop a market-oriented diversification strategy.

We helped the board identify potential products and markets that were appropriate to the Company's culture and capabilities and worked with the chairman and managing director to develop a focused product and market re-positioning strategy.

Key Aims:

  Identify new business targets 

  Develop new market-led company organisation


Key Stages:

  Establish business aspirations and targets

  Identify skills, products, services and limitations

  Prioritise potential products and services

  Determine best options

  Confirm aspirations and targets were fulfilled

  Develop a business focus

  Describe new organisational structure

The phased project took 8 weeks to complete and was based around a series of structured, interactive workshops, involving all key decision makers within the Company.

The market and product ideas were elicited, recorded and qualified against the target selection criteria developed with the Company board.

Following focused market research, six potential market targets were quantified and the key market drivers identified. These data were reviewed with the client. A single target area was selected and an organisational structure developed to interface with the chosen commercial market.

The Company is now successfully established in a new market segment.

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