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We have managed the preparation of 11 major aerospace and engineering proposals for a total value in excess of 3bn. This case study is typical of the type and scope of proposal work we do for our customers.

Our client had developed a significant product for en route air traffic management and thought that a request for proposal, issued by a European civil aviation authority, for a new air traffic management facility provided them with the ideal chance to bring this new product to the market.

We were invited to prepare the formal response. In addition, we were asked to structure the proposal so that it could be used, with minor modification, to answer similar requests from other aviation authorities.

Key Aims:

  Develop a stand-alone functional and technical

     description of the client's product

  Prepare the client's response to the aviation

     authority's invitation to tender

  Create a 'standard' format for proposals


Key Stages:

  Assess the invitation to tender

  Prepare a proposal structure 

 Collect and collate the data for the response

  Prepare the draft proposal

  Facilitate a 'Red Team' appraisal

  Edit and dispatch the proposal

This project took 8 weeks to complete. The first 2 stages were completed at our Cambridge office, the rest of the work was carried out at our client's premises.

The proposal, with minimal changes, has been translated from the original English into several other European languages and has been successfully submitted a number of times.

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