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Environmental Awareness



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We were sub-contracted to provide environmental management skills to a project conducted for the European Commission.

The aim was to raise environmental awareness within SMEs and to help them implement an Environmental Management System (EMS).

Key Aims:

  Identify and contact a large number of SMEs in the

    manufacturing, power generation and waste

    management sectors 

  Advise interested SMEs on the benefits of an EMS

  Support selected companies in the key stages of

     implementing an EMS

  Monitor companies throughout the implementation



Key Stages:

  Identify and contact appropriate SMEs

  Brief interested SMEs

  Support EMS implementation 

  Monitor the implementation process

 Assist in the EMS training programme

This project comprised 2 phases and took 12 months to complete.

Our contribution was a contact database containing interview notes, the briefing materials and assistance with company proposals and environmental review reports.

The overall outcome of the project was that several hundred SMEs became more familiar with the benefits that derive from considering environmental aspects at all stages of their business activities.

Around 10% of these SMEs implemented some form of EMS and, in addition, helped to spread the environmental message to other SMEs in their local area.

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