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We were sub-contracted by EMAG to provide on-site environmental management support to a car manufacturer.

The services provided were: the development, co-ordination and management of the internal auditing programmes; assistance with auditor training; support to the management review process and generating reports for executive review.

Key Aims:

Support the Company in the:

  Development and implementation of its

    environmental management system 

  Internal environmental auditing process


Key Stages:

  Support for the internal audit programme and

     management review

  Development and operating support for the 

    internal audit schedule for the two sites

  Co-ordinating audit timing and maintaining audit


  Establishment of co-ordinated environmental and

     quality internal auditing programmes

  Auditor training 

The project comprised two parts to support pre-certification and post-certification to ISO 14001.

The internal audit programmes for the two assembly sites were established and tested. A non compliance reporting system, which closely followed that adopted by the Quality Group, was also developed.

The general level of environmental awareness across the entire Company was raised and the strong management commitment to the environmental management system was enhanced.

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