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We have conducted a number of industrial projects involving various aspects of the product development cycle. These products have included high volume retail items as well as high-tech systems for aerospace and medical applications.

In this example our client, a high-tech SME, wanted to expand its business outside South Africa and had identified a European partner company with whom it could jointly develop a state-of-the-art avionics system.

After confirming the gap in the avionics market, we worked with the Company's small, highly skilled team to produce the technical specification for the product, draft the business plan and prepare the marketing strategy. 

Key Aims:

  Conduct detailed market research

  Assist technical team to develop new product

  Identify product's optimum route to market


Key Stages:

  Review of the current avionics market

  Analysis of future avionics requirements

  Determine market requirements for the system

  Development of design concept

  Develop technical specification

  Establish an international marketing consortium

  Draft the business plan for the product launch

This project lasted for 7 months and involved spending a month at the client's South African premises working with the technical director to develop the technical specification for the product. The team also spent several weeks in Germany and Italy establishing manufacturing criteria for the new product.

From the outset of the project, we worked closely with the design team and the international consortium to bring the product to market.


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