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We have carried out a large number of market research and analysis studies. These have mainly been in the aerospace and defence sectors, although increasingly, we are working with commercial and retail clients. The majority of this work has a strategic element and usually supports the development of a Company strategy.

In this example we were subcontracted by AC&S to carry out an analysis of the Electronic Warfare (EW) market for combat aircraft and to identify potential teaming partners for the client Company.

Key Aims:

  To provide detailed information and analysis from

     which our client could identify future potential

     business partners and marketing opportunities 


Key Stages:

  Describe the segment of the EW market in terms

     of the products, projects technologies and players

  Identify contractors in Europe and North America

     with a technology base appropriate for a

     collaborative venture 

  Assess European national requirements for EW


  Analyse selected contractor's technical and

     business capabilities, with emphasis on existing

     teaming arrangements with our client's


  Prioritise potential business partners and


This 3 phase project was based on an interactive approach that was developed jointly with AC&S and the Client Company. It took 14 weeks to complete this project.

The deliverables included the research data and briefing materials together with the market analysis report.

We analysed 4 teaming options and identified those that would enable the Client Company to penetrate a small, but lucrative market sector.

The project outcome allowed the Client Company to establish a strategy to jointly develop a new high-tech product that is based on a clear understanding of the dynamics of this segment of the EW market.

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